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Hi there! Valvula is a OpenSource high performance mail policy daemon for Postfix, written in ansi C, that provides out of the box support for sender login mismatch, mail quotas, per user and per domain blacklists and whitelists and much more.

It is system administrator friendly by providing many automatic features (like automatically detecting Postfix MySQL databases to be able to detect local domains and local accounts to make better decisions).

Valvula is fully extensible through plugins and it is composed by a base library (libValvula) that integrates into a ready to use server (valvulad) that is able to run different ports with different modules so you can connect same valvula process at different points inside Postfix policy restriction sections.

Valvula is released under the terms of GPL 2.0 and currently is being used, among others, by Core-Admin to provide advanced mail policy management along with massive mail ticket system.

About Aspl

Aspl (Advanced Software Production Line) is a Spanish company that provides support and services to introduce open source products into organizations, especially GNU/Linux.

Founded in 2000, its main development line is to provide support for software development and support to install GNU/Linux enterprise servers that provides different services.

Visit our home page at http://www.aspl.es to know more about us.


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